The Artist - Alexandra Castle

Alexandra Castle was born and raised in Southern California, currently residing in Texas.  

At an early age, her passion for art was both nurtured and inspired by her family’s appreciation for art.   

Alexandra’s greatest inspiration originated from her great grandmother, Tybee Castle, an accomplished artist whose work encompassed a wide range of artistic mediums.

Alexandra’s style was born from a curiosity to explore the relationship between simplicity and complexity. Her work has been described as intricate, puzzles, and interpretations of the basic form of design, lines.

Alexandra’s main focus is on black and white ink free hand drawings that consist of a wide range of subjects.  Some of her latest include zodiac signs, human anatomy, zoology, and architectural shapes.

The Brand - Alexandra Castle Art

Alexandra Castle Art is a family owned and operated local business.

Our products are one of a kind and original in design.

Customers can customize their own design online and choose from a variety of colors and styles to achieve personal satisfaction with their purchase.

In addition to our website gallery, we work with customers to create their own unique art pieces on just about anything such as: wood, metal, canvas, book design, album covers and household items.

Each order is sent out to local printers who tailor the design application to achieve a quality product.

A portion of each sale is donated to a local charity.

We believe in a quality product, a quality price and giving back to our community!

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